D-318/2016a Circular Water Reservoir 45m3 (Ferrocement) Design and BoQ (UNHCR, 2016)

This document contains design drawings for a 45m3 circular water reservoir constructed from ferrocement.

    OG804/2016a Cash Based Interventions for WASH Programmes in Refugee Settings (UNHCR, 2016)

    This report is based on a desk-based review of secondary data, comprising published material as well as grey literature, supplemented with key informant interviews for programmes that lacked documentation. Section One summarises the current use of CBI in WASH programming. Section Two summarises the best practices and lessons learned including challenges faced, drawing on evidence from the project examples found. Section Three provides recommendations and best practice guidance for use of CBI in refugee settings. Section Four details existing tools and guidance.

    Camp Management Toolkit (NRC, 2008)

    These guidelines explain what is camp management; the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders; the importance of community participation and involvement; the importance of good coordination and coordination mechanisms; the importance of information management and data analysis; guidelines for registration and profiling; guidelines related to shelter, NFI distributions, health, water and sanitation, domestic energy, education, agriculture, livelihoods, protection and gender based violence activities; and guidelines for camp setup and closure.

    UNHCR WASH Monthly Report Card Guidelines (UNHCR, 2016)

    This document provides guidance on how to access the WASH Report Card within TWINE, and fill in the different fields with the right information, with examples for easy comprehension.

    D-404/2015a Household Pour Flush Toilet and Bathing Unit (Septic Tank, Drain Field) Design and BoQ (UNHCR, 2015)

    This document contains materials to help UNHCR and WASH actors build post emergency household pour flush toilet and bathing units with septic tanks and drain fields in refugee settings.

    D-310/2015a Post Emergency Elevated Tower (Steel) Design and BoQ (UNICEF, 2010)

    This document contains design drawings for a 15m high 109m3 elevated water tower constructed from pressed steel.

    D-309/2015a Post Emergency Elevated Tower (Reinforced Concrete) Design and BoQ (UNICEF, 2010)

    This document contains design drawings and BoQs for 20m3, 25m3, 50m,3 60m3 and 75m3 reinforced concrete elevated Water Tanks sitting on top of a 6m reinforced concrete tower.

    F801/2015a – Toilet Block Management Sample Community Agreement (UNHCR, 2015)

    This toilet block management sample community agreement can help define the responsibilities of the different stakeholders in operation and maintenance of WASH facilities from filling up the hand-washing water containers, and keeping the surroundings clean, to providing maintenance.

    D-408/2015a Post Emergency Pour Flush Institutional Latrine (Septic Tanks and Drainfield) Design and BoQ

    This document contains documentation to help UNHCR and WASH actors build pour flush institutional latrines in refugee settings with septic tanks and drain fields. The package includes: Technical Drawings; Step by Step Construction Drawings; Bills of Quantity; Material and Workmanship Specifications; and Design Calculations.