Rapid Methods for Assessing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Services in Emergency Settings (UNHCR, 2017b)

Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017 Description: This document evaluates various sampling strategies that can be used during the emergency phase to estimate the status of WASH services in refugee camps or settlements.  The working paper presents the results of statistical analyses carried out on real data from Ethiopia.  The objective of the study was to evaluate […]

UNHCR WASH MANUAL: Programme Guidance

The UNHCR WASH Manual: Programme Guidance, provides practical  guidance for WASH programmes in refugee settings.

UNHCR WASH Monthly Report Card Guidelines (UNHCR, 2016)

This document provides guidance on how to access the WASH Report Card within TWINE, and fill in the different fields with the right information, with examples for easy comprehension.