Costing Water Services in Refugee Camps (IRC and UNHCR, 2015)

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Costing of Waster Services in Refugee Camps (IRC and UNHCR, 2015)Publisher: UNHCR / IRC
Year: 2015


This report applies the life-cycle costs approach (LCCA) to the provision of water services in two UN refugee camps, Bambasi in Ethiopia and Kounoungou in Chad. It is based on cost data from financial reports in Geneva and both camps and on service-level data collected through the UNHCR monitoring system and on site through water point surveys.
The purpose of the study was (1) to better understand the structure, magnitude and drivers of the cost of providing a targeted level of water service to refugees, and (2) to reflect on the applicability of LCCA in the UNHCR monitoring framework and the potential for implementing it in systematically.

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