F-303/2015a UNHCR Sample ToRs for Hydrogeological Surveying (UNHCR, 2015)

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UNHCR Terms of Reference Hydrogeological StudyPublisher: UNHCR
Year: 2015


These sample terms of reference may be used should WASH actors working in refugee settings with to engage the services of a Consultant to carry out hydrogeological surveys of pre-selected areas. The terms of reference cover the following areas...

  • Evaluating the groundwater situation based on compilation of existing relevant data (e.g. drilling logs) with additional classical hydrogeological field data collection (e.g. survey of water points, water levels, water quality) leading to the identification of favourable exploration zones
  • Carrying out groundwater exploratory field geophysical investigations to identify exact drilling locations, and
  • Supervising the drilling process and on the spot reporting on the progress.

TOR Hydrogeological Surveying Template (UNHCR, 2015) Download