These WASH emergency tools form part of UNHCR’s series of Standardized Tools and Guidelines for Refugee Settings which are the result of an extensive review process with WASH actors who have active programmes supporting refugees. It is recognized that the emergency tools will require continuous review and amendment in response to changes in best-practice and feedback from the field. Therefore further review will be managed by a Technical Committee which will discuss issues related to the use of the tools and an annual update will be reported back to the WASH community. More urgent amendments will be reported as, and when, required. Note that many of these forms are based on tools shared by active refugee-focused WASH agencies and credit has given when a particular agency’s tool has been used or adapted.

F-900/2015a Key Informant Interview / Focus Group Primer Questions
F-901/2015a Excreta Management Infrastructure Assessment Tool
F-902/2015a WASH Rapid Assessment Forms

Note that these designs can also be viewed by filtering the WASH Resources Database for “emergency Tools”.
They may also be found by filtering the archives for documents with the metatag “Emergency Tools” HERE