UNHCR Annual WASH Partner’s Meeting 2020

Please find below documents and presentations from the UNHCR Annual WASH Partner’s Meeting 2020.
UNHCR WASH for Refugees Parter Meeting 2020 Draft Agenda (MSWORD)
UNHCR WASH Partner Meeting Summary Report (PDF)
Day One
01. Global Refugee Trends, WASH Resources, Operational Updates LowRes (PPT)
02. Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework Challenges to Refugee Inclusion – Richard Luff (PPT)
03. Learning from Itang – Andrew Ndungu, UNHCR (PPT)
04. Humanitarian to Development Nexus – Uganda Case Study – David Githiri, UNHCR (PPT)
05. Easing Pressure on Host Communities Jordan and Lebanon – Guillaume Pierrehumbert, ICRC (PPT)
05. WASH UNHCR/UNICEF Blueprint for Joint Action Presentation – Catherine Barnett UNICEF (PPT)
06. UNHCR UNICEF Blueprint PPT for UNHCR Partners Meeting – Omar El Hattab, UNICEF (PPT)
07. Breakout Session Questions – Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (PPT)
08. Breakout Session Notes – Day One (MSWORD)
Day Two
01. WASH Severity Classification Project – Augusto Come, REACH (PPT)
02. Research Findings Lighting for WASH Facilities – Brian Reed, WEDC (PPT)
03. Solarisation of Boreholes RSPAT – Jean-Baptiste Sivery, ReNewGies (PPT)
04. Solarization Case Study Nyarugusu – Craig Williams, Water Missions (PPT)
05. Faecal Sludge Management in Emergencies Innovation Project – Peter Harvey, UNICEF (PPT)
06. Water Treatment – Bangladesh Case Study – Daniele Lantagne, Tufts (PPT)
07. Real Time Monitoring – Tanzania Case Study – Anne Hyvarinen, UNHCR (PPT)
08. Smart Water – Tsehaye Zeray, OXFAM GB (PPT)
09. UNHCR COVID Response – Overview and Best Practice from the Field, Robin Lloyd, UNHCR (PPT)
10. Cash Based WASH Interventions During COVID – Annika Sjoberg, UNHCR (PPT)
11. Hand Hygiene for All – Joanna Esteves Mills, UNHCR/WHO (PPT)
12. Technical Support during COVID – Nick Brooks, CARE (PPT)
13. Breakout Session Questions – COVID (PPT)
14. Breakout Session Notes – Day Two (MSWORD)