UNHCR WASH Manual for Refugee Settings

UNHCR WASH ManualThe UNHCR WASH Manual (7th Edition, February 2020) is the result of an open and collaborative process with WASH actors who have active programmes supporting refugees. It has been written primarily for use by UNHCR staff, WASH actors, national governmental authorities, emergency response coordinating bodies, contingency planners, programme evaluators, and is a useful reference for any individuals or organisations involved in providing WASH services in refugee settings.

The manual should be used in practically all refugee situations, where UNHCR operates including low middle-income and high-income countries, emergencies, protracted situations, and eventually repatriation or any other durable solution identified. The focus of the manual is on refugees, but in some contexts, may apply or be adapted to asylum-seekers, stateless persons, internally displaced and returnee settings.

The manual is the starting point for any UNHCR WASH Officer or WASH Partner to become aquainted with UNHCR’s approach to WASH interventions in refugee settings.