UNHCR WASH Monitoring System – Schools

The UNHCR WASH Monitoring System includes monitoring of refugee schools following the Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) guidelines, model questions and standard indicators which can be found in the references below. All refugee schools should be surveyed at least once a year. Indicators are tracked on the Refugee WASH in Schools Dashboard.

A) Indicators

  1. % of schools with an improved water source
  2. % of schools with the main water source on premises
  3. % of schools where water from the main source was available on the day of the survey
  4. % of schools with improved toilets
  5. # usable girls’ toilets (available, functional and private) and boys’ toilets and urinals
  6. % of schools with toilets separated by sex
  7. % of schools with toilets that are clean at the time of the survey
  8. % schools with soap and water within 5m of toilets
  9. % of schools with water, soap and a private space for girls to manage menstrual hygiene
  10. % of schools with covered bins for disposal of menstrual hygiene materials
  11. % of schools with an appropriate solid waste disposal system

Indicators taken from Core Questions and Indicators for Monitoring WASH in Schools (JMP, 2018) – PDF

B) Guidance
A training PPT showing practically how to conduct mobile data collection using Open Data Kit (ODK) to evaluate WASH in refugee schools using the JMP XLSForm is being prepared. In the meantime, a similar approach can be seen in this training powerpoint COVID-19 Training Webinar: Preparedness for Safe Refugee Schools (UNHCR, 2020) – PPT REVISED GUIDANCE COMING SOON!
C) Checklist / Forms
This checklist contains the model questions from the Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) guidelines for tracking WASH in schools. WASH in Schools Checklist (UNHCR, 2020) – WORD. In addition the XLSForm for use with mobile data collection systems (Kobo) can be found here.
D) Dashboard
The current WASH status of refugee schools globally can be found in the WASH in Schools Dashboard [CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]. Click here to access the WASH in Schools Dashboard COVID Snapshot (August 2020)