UNHCR WASH Monitoring Systems for Refugee Settings




GIS Portal

  • Publicly accessible website and database.
  • Borehole data includes information on infrastructure,
    hydrogeology, lithology, and water quality.
  • Registered users can upload data to the website.

Monthly Report Card

  • Online data repository.
  • Secondary data collated from partners.
    Registered users can upload data to the website.
  • Eight access indicators.
  • Emergency and non-emergency forms available.

Annual Household Survey
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP)

  • Standardized approach to primary data collection and analysis.
  • Publicly accessible resources including XLSForm and analysis tools available.
  • Nine household indicators.
  • Rapid survey tools available for emergencies.

If you are new to mobile data collection, we also recommend that you read the Guidelines for WASH Data Collection using Mobile Devices.