F-301/2017a UNHCR Sample Drilling Contract and Technical Specification

Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017 Description: UNHCR has developed a sample drilling contract and technical specifications.  These should be utilised for all drilling activities commissioned by UNHCR or its partners.  The generic contract and specifications documents are provided in word format and should be modified to include the requirements that will be met for each individual […]

F-300/2017a UNHCR Well Construction Documentation

  Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017 Description: UNHCR has developed a standard excel-based form that should be used to capture all the important information during well construction.  The excel file can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of this page. Once you have downloaded the excel file,  you can watch the explanatory videos.  Three […]

WASH KAP Survey: Analysis

Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020 Use the KAP Mapper to analyze your data on a map.

WASH KAP Survey: Data Collection

Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2018

    WASH KAP Survey Module 1 - Preparation

    WASH KAP Survey: Preparation

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020

    WASH KAP Survey Module 2: Training

    WASH KAP Survey: Training and Piloting

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2018  

      WASH KAP Survey Module 0: General

      WASH KAP Survey: Getting Started

      Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017

        Rapid Methods for Assessing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Services in Emergency Settings (UNHCR, 2017b)

        This document evaluates various sampling strategies that can be used during the emergency phase to estimate the status of WASH services in refugee camps or settlements.  The working paper presents the results of statistical analyses carried out on real data from Ethiopia.  The objective of the study was to evaluate the suitability of different sampling approaches and sample sizes in an attempt at recommending the optimal approach during emergencies.

        OG803/2017a WASH, Protection and Accountability (UNHCR, 2017)

        Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017 Description: This document describes UNHCR’s five principles linking WASH, protection, and accountability. It highlights the protection and accountability challenges that relate to WASH issues in refugee contexts.  The document also provides case studies to high these principles in action and a checklist that can be used for safety and security.