WASH KAP Survey All Modules

WASH KAP Survey – All Modules

Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020

    F-300/2017a UNHCR Well Construction Documentation

      Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2017 Description: UNHCR has developed a standard excel-based form that should be used to capture all the important information during well construction.  The excel file can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of this page. Once you have downloaded the excel file,  you can watch the explanatory videos.  Three […]

    WASH KAP Survey: Analysis

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020 Use the KAP Mapper to analyze your data on a map.

    WASH KAP Survey: Data Collection

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2018

    WASH KAP Survey Module 1 - Preparation

    WASH KAP Survey: Preparation

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020

    WASH KAP Survey Module 2: Training

    WASH KAP Survey: Training and Piloting

    Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2018  

      WASH KAP Survey Module 0: General

      WASH KAP Survey: Getting Started

      Publisher: UNHCR Year: 2020

        Introduction to Hydrogeology (Université de Neuchâtel, SDC and UNHCR, 2015)

        This 289 page document provides and extensive introduction to applied hydrology and includes the following chapters: Introduction to the training course; Introduction to hydrogeology I; Introduction to hydrogeology II; Basic concepts of groundwater exploration; Bacteriological analysis of water; Basic concepts of groundwater protection; Basic concepts of aquifer characterisation: pumping tests; Well construction and rehabilitation
        Recharge quantification in semi-arid areas with remote sensing;

        EPANET Training Course (SDC, 2015)

        This 161 page document provides a thorough introduction to EPANET (US Environmental Protection Agency) water distribution network modelling software with a focus on designing networks for refugee settings.