The Sphere Standards and the Coronavirus Response

SPHERE guidance related to how humanitarian actors can best respond to the COVID-19 outbreak including fundamental principles, and relevant standards.

Institutional Survey on Menstrual Hygiene Management

As part of the operationalization of the Age, Gender and Diversity policy, UNHCR is working to better understand how it is addressing the MHM needs of its persons of concern globally and to support country operations in planning for and responding to those needs. To facilitate this, on MHM Day 2018 the Assistant High Commissioner for Operations announced a global survey of MHM programs. This survey was circulated at the end of 2018 and the results are summarized in this document.

WASH Accountability Resources – Ask, Listen, Communicate

This booklet contains material and resources to promote forward accountability in WASH programmes.

MHM in Emergencies Toolkit – Mini Guide – Arabic Version

This adjoining document provides a brief summary of the key actions necessary for addressing MHM during emergencies. It serves as a quick read to gain a basic understanding of a complete MHM response. However, it is advised to review the complete guide when designing programs or developing response activities.