COVID-19 Preparedness in UNHCR Schools (UNHCR, 2020)

This document presents the results of a survey assessing the WASH readiness of schools in UNHCR-
supported refugee camps and refugee settlements. UNHCR and partners are using the results to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) COVID-19 mitigation measures in schools and design targeted improvements to WASH facilities to allow for safe operation of schools.

WASH in Schools Checklist (UNHCR, 2020)

The UNHCR WASH Monitoring System includes monitoring of refugee schools following the Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) guidelines, model questions and standard indicators. All refugee schools should be surveyed at least once a year. Indicators are tracked on the Refugee WASH in Schools Dashboard.

Core Questions and Indicators for Monitoring WASH in Schools (JMP, 2018)

This document presents recommended core questions to support harmonised monitoring of WASH in schools as part of the SDGs. The questions in this guide were agreed upon by the Global Task Team for Monitoring WASH in Schools
in the SDGs, convened by the Joint Monitoring Programme for Water and Sanitation (JMP). They are based on the current global norms, existing national standards, questions in national censuses and multi-national surveys, global WASH in schools monitoring recommendations, and normative human rights criteria: availability, acceptability, accessibility and quality.